June 2008


w/ Manowar - Earthshakerfest - Germany - July 2005

w/ Desperate  -  Button South  -  Ft. Lauderdale  -  2001

Welcome to Donnie Hamzik.com, the site for information, ideas, and products stemming from the mind and efforts of, you guessed it, Donnie Hamzik.  We will also dispose of some false information found on some web sites, such as Donnie was born in Poland, which is totally false. He was born in Binghamton, NY, October 18, 19-long-time-ago.

Just pretend you’re his ex-wife and snoop around to uncover anything that might interest you and then help yourself to it.

We don’t take ourselves too seriously around here. Life is fun. If it isn’t, you might want to re-evaluate what you’re doing. Thus you will find thoughts, items,  videos, pictures, and products that are meant to be exactly that...

FUN. As a matter of fact, some items, especially pictures, are down right embarrassing.

Seven+ by Exfuze

The world’s most nutritious drink!

                A delicious

                combination of

               extracts from

                 the ‘superfoods’

                  Gac, Mangosteen,    

                 Acai, Fucoidan,

               Goji, Noni,

                 & Seabuckthorn.

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